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The Company

BSA commenced operations about 15 years ago, and was registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2014.  Business Support Academy is a business organization that provides a wide range of services including alleviate and promote economic, social and political empowerment to Nigerian citizens through:

–         Poverty Alleviation,

–         Zero Hunger challenge,

–         Financial Empowerment,

–         Business Development Support and Agricultural/Rural Development

BSA aims for self-reliance of local communities through empowerment and all-gender inclusive projects that are developed and implemented by the communities themselves. Agri-business, entrepreneurship and food security are main themes of the organization.

The BSA Academy

The Business Support Academy will prepare and train members to lead in their competitive, global agricultural industry, giving members an advantage in understanding its unique challenges and practices. BSA innovative and wide-reaching concentrations in global agribusiness and food industry management bring members to the forefront of one of the largest and most important sectors of the global economy.

Agribusiness is yearning to be the largest export industry in Nigeria’s economy, one that continues to expand in areas like alternative-oil creation, bio-and Nano-technologies, social marketing, and the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The Agribusiness Center is projected to be 5000 hectares farmland to be grown to Aflasafe maize, cottage industries, silos for storage and market information/trading center.

2.0 Mission and Goal

2.1. Mission Statement

“To relieve hunger and poverty, to educate people about the causes and effects of poverty, and help them find ways to help themselves’’.

We believe that through mobilization, sensitization, training, political and economic empowerment there will be food security and improved wellbeing in Benue state and Nigeria at large.

2.2. Goal:

BSA’s goal is “the sustainable development in the quality of life of Nigeria populace. We are currently grooming and re-grooming investors in farming activities, but our long term goal shall be achieved through training of trainers activities using community – based facilitators, providing basic technical, literacy and problem solving skill through the use of participatory approaches at micro level for community project intervention”. 

2.3 Organizational Vision:

A Centre for providing quality delivery services / capacity building of various stakeholders including giving a voice to community based groups and strengthening participatory learning processes   to secure improved livelihoods of deprived communities/populace


We believe that through mobilization, sensitization, training, advocacy to political and economic empowerment where there will be food security and improved wellbeing in Benue state and in Nigeria as a whole.

2.5. Objectives  

BSA objectives are to:

  1. Reach out to citizens and communities to provide a forum for them to express themselves and shall encourage them to form cooperative/commodity groups to ensure adequate access to agricultural facilities, including credit and insurance facilities.
  2. Introduce mechanized technologies to better support agricultural production and encourage the preservation of farm product to farmers including women and enlighten them on the importance of conservation of soil, water and agro-forestry.

III.        Encourage networking within local groups and non – governmental organizations and liaisons with governmental agency fields to better support community development activities from a holistic point of view.

  1. Provide service to communities in the area of entrepreneurship development, capacity building, literacy programs, social mobilization, advocacy and promotion of good living condition within the society at large.


BSA is participatory and responsive in its approach. It works at the community level, with members organized into cooperative groups.

BSA assists community groups and draw up action plans for intervention. Each cooperative group chooses its own leaders, including chairman, secretary and treasurer, and it is responsible for implementing BSA-assisted projects.

BSA field staff manages the groups. Each group/cooperative meets at least once in a month during the Project Implementation. However, during critical farming period, Committee meeting comes up more regularly. Where decisions taken at the community level are translated to projects and policies at the organizational level.


Membership in BSA is open to individuals and groups who believe in the organization’s vision, goal and objectives and are willing to work together for their own personal self-development.

To benefit from the services of BSA, the following must obtain:

  1. Obtain application form for registration
  2. Individual are constituted to a cooperative group
  3. Group members will undergo some training to build their capacity.


  1. Advisory Board, B. A Management team and C. The groups.

BSA has a five member Board whose members are drawn from different sectors of the economy. The Board is a decision making and technical support body that meets once or twice annually(as the needs might be),  to review the general activities of the organization and  provide both technical and advisory support for the smooth running of the organization.

BSA Management Team:


The management team is made up of highly dedicated, disciplined and seasoned professionals who are committed to the realisation of the goals and objectives of the organisation and delivery of effective and qualitative services. They include:


Mr. Kolawole Olorundare is a graduate of several years’ experience and a man of many parts. He is a motivational speaker, an author, a trainer of trainers and a successful business man. His poor but humble background sharpens him to the reality of life very early and propelled him to his success story.  He has trained well over 50,000 entrepreneur in several facets including, Religious group, NIM, OGAGEP to mention a few. Among the books he author include ‘Stop begging’ ‘Juice and Beverage production and other deferent

skill acquisition project’ etc.

Mr. WALE BALOGUN  Admin. Manager

Mr Wale Balogun graduated from the University of Lagos in 1985 with a bachelor degree in Business Management also obtained Masters Degree in Business Administration from Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti in 2001. He became an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB) in 1997. He began his professional career with Capital Bank Nig. Ltd (former Credit Lyonnais) in 1993 as the head of operations and worked with the bank till 2005, when he joined UBA microfinance Bank as a senior branch manager. He left the service of UBA Microfinance in 2012 to join FBN Microfinance Bank as a branch manager where he worked till 2013 before joining Business Support Academy as an Administrative Manager.

Mr Wale is well versed in SME enterprise loan. He is responsible for BSA participant’s loan packaging and for the cooperative coordination of the company’s several groups among other responsibility.

FEMI  OSUNRAYI  – Project Manager

Mr  Femi Osunrayi graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1992 with a M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics sequel to an early degree  in Agricultural Management from the university of Lagos.. He is an Associate member of the Institute of Management Consultants. He has vast experience in Procurement, Research and Management consultancy.  He started his career with Orbital Trust Ltd. In 1994 as a Management consultant and worked with the company till  Dec. 1996. By 1997 January he joined RBS Research and consultancy Ltd. as the Head of Research Department and remained with the company till 2001 when he was offered appointment by North South Oil and investment Ltd. as the Investment and Procurement Manager, a post he held till 2004 before he joined White union Industries and Chemical Ltd as a Procurement / Logistics Manager. He left the service of White Union in 2008 to join Fidelity Bond Group Ltd. Lagos as the Group Project Manager and remain with the company till 2013 while with the company he helped the company to establish oil palm plantation farm and palm oil processing mill at Ondo town, he also supervised the construction and run of a five star hotel at Abuja. He joined Business Support Academy in January 2015 as the Project Manager He is responsible for the company Farm settlement scheme.

 Mr. Edalere Adebowale Ajayi – Marketing Manager

Mr. Edalere Adebowale Ajayi is an accountant by profession but a very successful marketer with about 23 years working experience, 10 Yrs in banking, 3 in oil & gas, 7 in consulting and manufacturing. He is a management consultant with high level of exposure and training. He has HND (Accounting), MBA (Finance), MNIM, ACMA(UK) – Associate chartered management accountant, ACIM, . He have worked with capital oil PLC, lordmart generator, Jagal Ltd, Crystal Bank, STB Bank, IMFB MFB, friendship consulting ltd,

Mr. Godwin Ezarefe – Project Coordinator   

Mr. Godwin Ezarefe graduated from University of Lagos with a B.Sc. Computer Science. He also obtained Certificate in Defense Simulation and Sonar operations from DSD (London) and Certificate in Programming from Dornier Training Centre in Munich (FRG) He further passed

IDPM part I – IV Professional/Graduate Diploma. After his post graduate diploma in Management Information System from the Institute of |Data Processing Management of Nigeria. In 2006. He obtained M.Sc. degree from The Alders gate University (Philippines), He is also running his Ph.D. degree in same institution. Mr. Godwin is a lecturer with Alders gate

University Ghana, Lagos State University and Associate Lecturer at Foreign Service Academy (SIEMENS) Agbara. He is in charge of our various training programs




  1. BSA is an IITA representative in Aflatoxin reduction in maize and other grains for 3years running. BSA work as IITA Implementer and Aflasafe maize aggregator from farmers.
  2. BSA has farm settlement  totally about 2500 hectares of land scattered in Ogun, Lagos and Oyo state for Aflasafe cultivation
  3. BSA is Agro-chemical (Syngenta Nigeria Ltd.) representative
  4. BSA is the sole technical partner in Oyo and Ogun State for Anchor Borrowers Programme of the Central bank of Nigeria.
  5. BSA is experience in credit arrangement for its members .The organization extends credit in-kind (equipment loan and material grant) for income generating activities. Loans for equipment vary in duration from six months to two years, depending on the use. BSA also serves as a liaison organization to assist groups in sourcing loans and farm inputs from relevant agencies including banks and finance house.

  Information and communication management for Farmers development

BSA, has taken part in many activities aimed at helping farmers’ organizations and rural communities to define or implement their own information and communication management strategies and giving a voice and opportunity to the rural communities through:

  1. a)    Periodical  Radio and TV series programme on Agroprenuer
  2. b)   Functional literacy programme on Air on weekly basis
  3. c)    Training stakeholders on the prioritization of methodology of information themes
  4. d)   Production of various information and training materials
  5. e)    Publication of news letters
  6. f)     Establishment of mechanisms to facilitate information flow.

BSA partnership with Benue State Government

The Goal 

  • Empowerment for Benue state citizenry
  • Employment generation for youth and adult alike
  • Farm settlement establishment
  • Enhanced Food production (both in quantity and quality) for Benue State

BSA Expectation from the Government to enhance the project

  • Large expanse of land at least not less than 1 hectare of land for each farmer  §Financial support for members
  • Agro-input assistance to members
  • Tractorization assistance to the farm settlement
  • Availability of people for the programme
  • Training facility arrangement and training venue
  • Provision of warehouse / silos for the temporary storage of harvest
  • Support from ADP/ Extension agent for adequate monitoring

Time frame and Product to be planted 

The programme is expected to take off effectively by February 2017, agricultural operations being time bound. By then registration of members would have commenced by now and land preparation taking place as early February,  at the same time for the planting of early yellow maize

The Buyer 

Since BSA work in partnership with Premier Feeds Nig. Ltd and Flour mill of Nigeria Ltd. The companies has signified interest to buy off the total harvest of the farmers at prevailing market price, and also at guarantee minimum price in case of market glut at harvest.

BSA Responsibility in project

  1. Training in rudiments of agriculture
  2. Cooperative training and management
  3. Perfect arrangement between CBN, Bank and off takers
  4. Provision of market for farmers harvest
  5. Facilitate town hall meeting for CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme
  6. Protect farmers interest during the technical season of Town Hall meeting in the Anchor Borrower meeting as per all price negotiation
  7. Supervising the project and guide buyers interest against any side selling as provided in the MOU for the programme
  8. Enhance the payment of farmers within 72hours after delivery of products
  1. Work hand in hand with bank to make sure that KYC is not a problem for farmers during access to opening of account
  2. Provide adequate report on the project to appropriate authority

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