Soya Beans Planting

  • 13 November 2015


In line with the federal government policy program of Agricultural Transformation Agenda and Growth Enhancement Scheme, a nongovernmental organization BSA has established farm settlement scheme to help improve food production and combat Zero hunger challenge in the country. Its farm settlements are situated at the following locations:

  • Abeokuta
  • Badagry
  • Atan
  • Owode
  • Ilaro
  • Igbo-Ora
  • Lukosi

Under this scheme, land is acquired from original land owners at the locations mentioned above. BSA commence processing the perfection of such land title documents. Such lands are allocated to participants with the understanding that they will farm on the portion allotted to them. Sizes of land allocated varies between one acre (6plots) and one hectare (15plots)


  • Beneficiary obtain application form from BSA
  • Beneficiary pays for registration either wholly or on installment
  • Beneficiary are formed into cooperative or group
  • Each group have their executives who direct the activities in their group and on their farm collectively
  • Beneficiary pays and attend seminar on basic farming techniques
  • Beneficiary have the option of obtaining loan to finance his farm operations
  • Beneficiary can clear and plant their farms by themselves or they can contract it to BSA
  • Beneficiary maintain their farms by themselves
  • Beneficiary can erect building on their plot after the payment of the first installment for the purchase of the land
  • BSA register beneficiary with Federal Government Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) of Agricultural Transformation Agenda to enable participants benefit from Federal Government input subsidy.
  • Beneficiary have the advantage of benefiting from government agric. Extension Agents who will be visiting their farms periodically to disseminate improve agric information to them.
  • Beneficiary can sell farm produce to off takers through BSA or make independent arrangement to sell their harvest.
  • Beneficiary can buy off their farm land from BSA after a period of time

Benefits of the Farm Settlement Scheme

  • Access to loan for financing farm operations
  • Access to improve Agricultural practises
  • Access to off takers at harvest
  • Payment for the land on instalment over a period of years.
  • Direct ownership of the land after some years
  • Structure can be erected on the farm
  • Group executives direct the affairs of the farm

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