Cassava Planting

  • 13 November 2015


Specially designed for high profile investors who desire to invest now and reap streams of income from their investments as from the third year over a very long period of time. This investment is more secured and guarantees peace of mind than the stock exchange market. It’s such an investment that beneficiary stand to enjoy throughout life time and can still will same to children after demise. An average of N500,000 is  guarantee per annum for an hectare of the plantation.
Target participants include money bags looking for investment in agriculture, Bankers, Business tycoon, Directors etc.

The Scheme involves acquisition of large expanse (hundreds of hectare) of land by BSA specifically at Olodo village via Abeokuta; possible documentation on the land is perfected including global CFO. And BSA now sells portions of the plantation to whoever is interested. Beneficiaries have the option to sell their harvest themselves after the third year or entrust it to BSA to help them process and sell proceed.

Support Academy


  • Land is secured by BSA and planted to Oil Palm plantation
  • BSA nurture and maintain the farm till maturity.
  • Beneficiary obtain application form from BSA
  • Beneficiary pays for registration  wholly
  • Beneficiary are formed into cooperative or group
  • Beneficiary pays and attend seminar on basic farming techniques
  • Beneficiary have the option of obtaining loan to finance his farm operations
  • Beneficiary can harvest their farms by themselves or they can contract it to BSA
  • Beneficiary can erect building on their plot after the payment of the first installment for the purchase of the land
  • Beneficiaries determine what to process with their harvest.

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